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The Restaurants on the New Disney Dream Cruise Ship

The Royal Palace features the &quot;resplendent decor&quot; befitting a Disney princess.<br /><br />Photo: Disney Cruise Lines
The Royal Palace features the "resplendent decor" befitting a Disney princess.

Photo: Disney Cruise Lines

Disney's $900 million Disney Dream cruise ship — the third in its armada of cartoon-inspired floating luxury cruise liners, complete with virtual, animated portholes — sets off on its maiden voyage tomorrow. The ship's 4,000 passengers have gotta eat, and it won't just be simple buffets.

The ship has five upscale dining options — each elaborately designed — including Remy (where a menu from Michelin starred chef Arnaud Lallement meets Disney's Ratatouille-rat decor) and Palo (described as contemporary Northern Italian and boasting the Venetian wall murals to match). Animator's Palate (decorated with light boxes and computer work stations), Enchanted Garden (with spinning-teacup-esque seating), and the Royal Palace (lit by glass-slipper-adorned chandeliers).

—Hilary Tuttle

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