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Which Top Chef Contestant Had a Fling w/ an Erotica Writer?

Over on The Frisky, Rachel Kramer Bussel — an author and editor who specializes in erotica (incidentally also a cupcake blogger) — detailed her sexcapade with a Top Chef contestant in Los Angeles.

She wrote: "He came with a pedigree, and to me that pedigree said that he wasn’t the type just looking for a quick roll in the hay. It wasn't like he was on 'Jersey Shore' or 'The Real World' or something. He was a professional."

She doesn't name names, but basically she ended up going out to dinner with him and his female assistant. And then ended up back at her hotel room. With his assistant. When Bussel expressed discomfort at having the his assistant in the room, he told her, "She's freaky. She doesn't mind."

There are many previous Top Chef contestants who live in Los Angeles, anyone hazard to guess?

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