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Food Truck Owner Tries to Stop Release of Adult Film

The world's first food truck/adult film crossover may never see the light of day: Joe Kim, the owner of The Flying Pig, the Los Angeles food truck where The Flying Pink Pig was filmed, has sent a cease and desist to the movie's production company, Cheeky Monkey, Inc., demanding they halt the release of the DVD.

Kim is claiming some of his customers are voicing "concerns about the healthfulness of the food served" by the truck and that "his reputation [is] at risk of being totally destroyed." What, people don't want their food prepared where strangers were filmed having sex?

Well, it turns out that Cheeky Monkey may not have been totally clear about the whole having-sex-on-counters aspect of the film when they approached Kim about using his truck. (Kim has claimed he was told it was a "romantic film.")

According to TMZ's sources, Cheeky Monkey hadn't backed down by the January 19 deadline, and now Kim intends to file a lawsuit.

Also, it turns out a Trademark License Agreement between Cheeky Monkey and The Flying Pig refers to the truck as "The Pink Pig," so it may not even be valid. Cheeky Monkey had til noon on the 19th to respond to the letter, and the DVD is supposed to be released January 24.

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