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Car Crashes Into Hooters, Causing Fiery Explosion

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Last night, customers at a Hooters restaurant in downtown St. Louis were "enjoying" the Blues-Red Wings game when, according to KSDK5, a car came "crashing into the building, setting everything ablaze." A fiery breastplosion at the local breastaurant?

Turns out two teenagers crashed a stolen car into another vehicle parked outside of the Hooters, which caused the parked car to slam into the restaurant and then it burst into flames on impact.

One customer, who claimed to have been "talking" about "chicken wings" with his waitress, described what happened: "It went up on the side walk, that's when it caught fire... Then the awning was on fire, and part of the building was on fire as well." 40 customers were inside the restaurant and were quickly evacuated. And thankfully nobody was hurt — the two teenagers were later found hiding in a nearby parking garage and arrested. Videos of the inferno ahead:

Video: Hooters Explosion #1
Video from KSDK:

Video: Hooters Explosion #2
Video from WUSA9:

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