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Crazed Englishman Attacks Restaurant With Ax

The resume-challenged improbable dinner-maker Robert Irvine is the star of Restaurant: Impossible, a flagrant Kitchen Nightmares ripoff that premiered last night. While it's amusing that the Food Network only gives him $10,000 and two days to fix a restaurant — let's face it, that is not a lot of money or time to fix a flailing business — Ramsay's been there before and does it better.

It's almost more fun to watch Robert Irvine vent his testosteroney anger out on a poor hostess stand from that 1950s — with an ax! Apparently he "hates"it. What did it ever do to him? Does he hate wood? Things from the 1950s? Also, please let this be a recurring thing. ROBERT ANGRY WITH FOOD NETWORK CONTRACT MUST DESTROY FURNITURE.

Video: Robert Irvine With an Ax

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