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Watch Gordon Ramsay Get Doused in Gasoline

In Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait that aired Sunday — part of Channel 4's Big Fish Fight series — Gordon Ramsay investigated the controversial dish shark fin soup. He traveled the globe to look at sources and see first-hand the practice of shark-finning, in which a shark is caught, its fins cut off while still alive, and then thrown back in the water.

Here are a few clips: The first is of Ramsay wandering the streets near a port in Taiwan — from below he sees thousands of shark fins drying on rooftops. And then people up above throw gasoline on him. But that doesn't deter him — nor do barking dogs or a scary black car — instead he climbs a stairwell to check out the rooftop operation.

Ramsay also visits Imperial, a high-end restaurant in Taiwan, to taste some shark fin soup for the first time. He's unimpressed:

It's really bizarre, I mean really bizarre because it actually tastes of nothing. Almost like plain glass noodles. The broth is delicious, but it could have anything in there. It could have chicken and sweet corn or duck or pork belly, so the one item spoiling that is the shark fin.

Meanwhile, the UK's The Sunday Times reported that both Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver served endangered European eel at their restaurants — so they're like maybe hypocrites! — but it's behind a paywall. Australia's Daily Telegraph picked up the story, though.

Here are some video clips of the show:

Video: Gordon Ramsay Gets Doused in Gasoline

Video: Gordon Ramsay at the Port

Video: Gordon Ramsay Tastes Shark Fin Soup

Video: Shark Finning

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