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Pay For Coffee at Starbucks Using Your Cellphone

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Worried about the extra cash you're going to have to carry around to pay for all those gigantic Starbucks Trentas you'll be drinking? Worry no longer: the coffee chain has introduced a Starbucks Card Mobile app (for iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry, but not Android) that allows you to pay for your coffee on your phone.

You just order your coffee, fire up the app, and have the barista scan a barcode on the phone's screen to pay. It works at 7,500 Starbucks in the United States, including those inside Target. You can also track your Starbucks Rewards points and reload the card through the app. Check out the company's ad for the app below.

The company calls the app "an interim technology that's available today," but they envision a system that uses embedded payment chips in the future. Perhaps they're waiting on Google's mobile payment system? In any case, the current barcode method allows them to accommodate the app in 6,800 company-owned locations and 1,000 Target Starbucks.

Video: Starbucks Card Mobile App

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