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The Top 26 "Whoa" Moments at the Fancy Food Show

Vegan Seafood exists.
Vegan Seafood exists.
[Photos: Carolyn Alburger/]

The Winter 2011 Fancy Food Show wrapped up its display of what's new and happening in food products yesterday evening in San Francisco's gargantuan Moscone Center. After navigating the gazillions of vendors that assemble over several indoor city blocks, we're fairly certain that instant coconut water, boutique flavored waters, vegan seafood, and cookies meant to be paired with wine will prevail over the year to come.

And instead of driving you to snoozeville with in-depth trend-forecasting and booth analysis, we're throwing you the top 26 head-scratching and "wow"-making finds that surfaced throughout the three-day extravaganza. So get thee to the gallery! —Carolyn Alburger