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Groupon: "We Really Messed Up" New Year's Deal in Japan

Groupon founder/CEO Andrew Mason took to YouTube to apologize for a deal the online coupon website ran in Japan for a New Year's meal which arrived "late to many of our customers and in terrible condition to others" and led to a media shitshow. Technically the not-so-glamorous meals were not Groupon's fault, but in the days following New Year's, pictures of the not-so-glamorous meals were splashed all over the internet and television with Groupon's name next to them. Hence a personal apology from the CEO of the company.

Groupon has also apparently given users who purchased the deal gift vouchers for 5,000 Yen, which is about US $60, or a little less than half of what they paid for the meal. Mason said "We've made mistakes before and we will make mistakes again," but also mentioned the company is working on "capacity planning formulas" to ensure that such a mistake does not happen again.

Video: Groupon CEO Apologizes for Japanese New Year's Debacle

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