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Moe's Tavern Gets a Big Gay Makeover on The Simpsons

Last night on The Simpsons (yes, it's still on) after an investment from Smithers, Moe's Tavern got remade into Mo's, a "men's bar for the average-looking fellow." And funny gay things happen! Men use the bathroom to wash their hands, bar owner Moe Szyslak adopts a chihuahua named "Neil Patrick Hairless" with a shiny disco collar, and transvestites tell Marge, "No one's gonna believe that wig is real." Bonus points for Moe in the "Tom of Shelbyville" painting and the trompe l'oeil bowl of pretzels. Said Moe, "Now we can afford real bowls of pretzels instead of tromp-loyling them on the bar."

Video: Simpsons Part One

Video: Simpsons Part Two

Video: Simpsons Part Two

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