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Colbert on Snackification, Doritos, and Super Big Gulps

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On last night's Thought for Food segment, Stephen Colbert saluted innovations "in the field of fat and lazy." He addressed Pepsi's new goal of "snackifying" drinks which "may finally achieve John F. Kennedy's dream of a chuggable pretzel" and applauded their new Tropolis fruit puree product because "fruit in its current form is impossible to eat."

Moving on, he discussed an entry to a Doritos Super Bowl commercial contest that offended Catholic groups by suggesting the chips be used for communion. Colbert described himself as a "corporate whore" and quoted the Bible to claim that they had dip at the last supper and therefor it's not unreasonable to suppose Jesus could be a chip. He also issued a red alert because 7-Eleven shrank the Super Big Gulp, then chugged one in order to prove America needs those last four ounces.

Video: Stephen Colbert on Snackification and Doritos

Video: Stephen Colbert Issues a Red Alert on Super Big Gulps

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