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Portlandia Skewers Farm-to-Table Fanatics

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Portlandia, the new IFC show that mocks the culture of Portland, Oregon, premieres on January 21 at 10:30, but the entire first episode is on Hulu already. In this clip, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are at the restaurant Gilt Club, and they're a little concerned about the life of the chicken they're about to eat.

After they harass the waitress with questions like "Is that USDA organic? Or Oregon organic? Or Portland organic?" for a few minutes, she presents them with the chicken's papers. Turns out his name was Colin! That's not enough information for the duo, however, and after finding out that the farm is a mere 30 minutes away, they up and leave the restaurant to go check it out. Here's the clip:

And if you keep watching, once they get to the farm, they end up joining the cult that lives and works there? It's all very bizarre:

Portlandia: Colin the Chicken

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Gilt Club

306 Northwest Broadway Portland, OR 97209