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Hot New Trend: Breakfast Pizza

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It's time for a trends listicle! But not just any trends listicle: this one, which lists trends in breakfast menu items, is backed up with actual statistics. With science!

Technomic’s MenuMonitor tracked terms across their menus over the second half of 2010, and found some surprising results: breakfast pizzas have experienced "an infinite percentage growth rate from zero mentions to 12 at last count was calculated." Do you have any idea how many breakfast pizzas we will be dealing with in a few years if restaurants keep this up? It boggles the mind. It's like grey goo — the doomsday scenario in which nano-robots self-replicate and consume all the world's resources — except it's pizza- and bacon-flavored.

Also: Scrambled eggs came in second with a mere 94.4% rate of growth. Totally weak.

The Fastest-Growing Breakfast Items

1. Pizza ? N/A
2. Scrambled Eggs ? 94.4%
3. Bagel ? 70.0%
4. Specialty Breakfast Starch ? 55.6%
5. Egg/Egg & Cheese Sandwich ? 53.1%
6. Oatmeal ? 36.4%
7. Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwich ? 30.4%
8. Specialty Omelette ? 22.2%
9. French Toast ? 19.6%
10. Sausage Biscuit/Sandwich ? 18.8%

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A Pulino's Breakfast Pizza. [Photo: empressm / Flickr]