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Gael Greene's Holiday Window Envy

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Food doyenne Gael Greene just can't let it go: Back in November she tweeted her displeasure that she and writer/critic Craig Claiborne were left out of Barneys' "Foodie Holiday" window display that's down now ("Amazingly I see Ruth Reichl & Barbara Fairchild but not me. Guess I'm the invisible critic," she wrote). And today on her newsletter she's back it: "I am deeply saddened that Craig Claiborne has been almost forgotten."

So she asked the window dresser — "a slight sprite of a man posing for the paparazzi in front of his oeuvre" — why Claiborne's head wasn't recreated and attached to a Snuggie body for tourists to amble by. Only to be told, "You can't blame me. I know nothing about food... I had to trust my advisors." Greene smells a conspiracy: "I could only imagine the motivation of his advisors." Revisionist foodie historians rewriting the past via holiday window displays?

But then for some reason Greene defaults to her sexual exploits of yore, recalling the time she had sex with some guy in a pool ("testing whether you could do it underwater") and Claiborne brought her some champagne.

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