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Bob's Burgers Premieres: Food May Contain Human Flesh

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Fox's new animated series Bob's Burgers premiered last night, and the show, set in a floundering burger joint, had a lot of wicked humor on offer. Bob's daughter Louise (voiced by Kristen Schaal) lies at her school's show-and-tell and says their hamburgers are made with human flesh, which of course leads to a visit from a vengeful health inspector. (Louise also changes the burger special "New Bacon-ings" to the "Child Molester, that "comes with candy because sometimes they use candy to lure their victims.")

Anyway, the health inspector posts an enormous poster on the window outside that reads "FOOD MAY CONTAIN HUMAN FLESH," which brings a riotous mob (who carry signs that read "Don't Taste Me, Bro!"). The day is saved when an "adventurous eater's club" shows up, willing to pay $50/head. Here are a few video clips:

Video: Bob's Burgers: Health Inspector

Video: Bob's Burgers: Burgers Made With Human Meat

Video: Bob's Burgers: Adventurous Eater's Club

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