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Andrew Zimmern Gets an Improbable, Bizarre Board Game

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Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Game.
Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Game.
Photo: Amazon

The irreplaceable TV host (and fan of Eater) Andrew Zimmern is getting his very own board game. Called "Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Game" and retailing for $29.99, it comes out in November (just in time for Christmas?) and you can already preorder it on Amazon. This gets filed under "Things we did not know were necessary, but sure, why not?"

Brand extension gone wild! Says the description, "Do you know what Karkaday is? No? Well, you don’t have to. You just have to create the most convincing answer to trick your opponents into thinking it’s right." (Spoiler: Karkaday is a hibiscus flower infusion, duh.) "Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Game" is well, a completely and totally bizarre concept.

Designed for eight-year-olds and up, it's a "wild bluffing game about cultural oddities and weird foods from around the world." So you're supposed to pretend that you know what fermented dingo testicles tastes like? Perhaps it is for middle school boys to make up the grossest things they can think of? Screw Monopoly!

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