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Sandra Lee to Battle Matilda Cuomo in Epic Lasagna Cook-Off

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Semiscary Sandra Lee will soon be New York's First Live-in Companion, as she's currently "live-in companions" with governor-to-be Andrew Cuomo. That is, if she doesn't screw it up first by severely alienating her mother-in-live-in-companion Matilda Cuomo with her lasagna. The one with cottage cheese that Matilda said back in June was "not the way you make a lasagna." Chances she'll do so are 50/50.

In a recent interview with the Charlotte Observer, Ms. Lee recounts laying down a challenge to Matildsy. "Matilda stayed at my house this weekend. I told her we should do a lasagne bake-off and raise money for children's charities. She said yes - after the election."

One wonders to which charity Ms. Lee would donate her proceeds but "The Fund for the Emancipation of Underweaned Children Who Can't Confront Their Own Mothers About The Fact They Prefer The 70% Storebought 30% Fresh Lasagna Recipe Of Their Wife Live-In Companion" is a front-runner.

Matlida, for her part, simply says, "If my son chooses my lasagna, it means he'll never really love you."

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