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N. Carolina Restaurant Will Not Tolerate Screaming Children

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The sign at the Olde Salty restaurant.
The sign at the Olde Salty restaurant.
Photo: WECT

The owner of the Olde Salty in Carolina Beach, North Carolina has had it up to here with your shrieking offspring, and posted a sign in the window of the restaurant which reads "Screaming children will not be tolerated."

Some people (mostly those with children) aren't happy about it! Said one mom, "You can't help it if your kids scream." Which is curious logic! And something that duct tape was clearly designed for (we kid!).

Although the owner says customers will not be asked to leave the restaurant permanently, they will be asked to take the child outside until he or she calms down. Which seems pretty reasonable to us? Perhaps it's the fact that they formalized their hatred of screaming children in writing that's upsetting to people.

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Olde Salty

3 Boardwalk, Carolina Beach, NC 28428