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Cannibal Restaurant Was a Hoax by Vegetarian Activists

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German vegetarian group VEBU at a press conference announcing the hoax.
German vegetarian group VEBU at a press conference announcing the hoax.
Photo: DDP

Surprise! The supposed cannibal restaurant in Berlin in which ads were placed requesting the donation of human body parts? Yeah that was a hoax. And not just a fun (if super-creepy) hoax, it had an important political message!

A German vegetarian activist group, VEBU, wanted to get locals to equate their aversion to consuming human flesh with eating beef or pork. It sort of backfired when some people got offended by the ads; Berlin had a real-life cannibal case in which someone killed and ate a consenting man in 2001 and objectors found the ads a little insensitive.

Berliners weren't the only ones the ads pissed off. Officials in the town of Guajara-Mirim, Brazil, where the fake restaurant's website claimed it had another location, are considering suing VEBU for damaging their reputation as a tourist destination. 1,500 visitors flock to the town each weekend to tour the indigenous villages nearby, including those of the Wari tribe, whom the hoax website claimed inspired the restaurant's cannibalistic cuisine.

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