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Andrew Zimmern: All TV Food Hosts Have Sold Their Souls

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Bizarre Foods host and board game-maker Andrew Zimmern offered his thoughts today on the whole saga that was Alton Brown calling Adam Richman's show Man v Food gluttonous and "disgusting." His take: All the food television people are basically sellouts in some way or another:

"We are all guilty of the same crime, not to mention our community's (of TV peeps, etc.) reliance on advertisers, spin doctors... We all sold our souls at some point; we all made the Faustian bargain... The line Brown accuses Richman of crossing is one we all ran past a long time ago."

Also, he posts a warning in regards to his fellow Travel Channel host: "If you want a piece of Adam Richman you need to go through me first." Which is amusing because they all work for the same corporate parent: Scripps owns both the Travel Channel and the Food Network. Mergers never go smoothly!

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