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Groupon Launches Combination Dating Service / Scholarship

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Groupon has launched the awkwardly-named "Grouspawn," a combination dating service and scholarship fund that revolves around the coupon website. The deal is this: you go on a first date with someone and make use of a Groupon deal. Mind you, there must be ample proof — Groupon recommends that you and your date take a picture with a newspaper in addition to providing other evidence.

Then, if you ever end up reproducing with that person, you can enter to win a scholarship for your offspring. They have helpfully provided a dating service to assist you in the process. Problem is, the $60,000 is put into a trust that is released when your child is 25, which is past your average person's college years.

Well, that and the fact we can't really imagine anyone discussing their hypothetical children's future academic finances while on a first date. What a total buzzkill!

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Well, do you? [Photo: Grouspawn]