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Fukushima and Garcia vs Garces in Iron Chef Battle Mahi-Mahi

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Alton Brown does his best Chairman impression.
Alton Brown does his best Chairman impression.

Last night chefs Katsuya Fukushima (Minibar, Café Atlántico) and Ruben Garcia (culinary director for José Andrés' THINKfoodGROUP) visited Iron Chef America to challenge the undefeated Iron Chef Jose Garces (3-0) in battle Mahi-Mahi.

Garcia described his team's playful, modern approach as a "representation of what the fish tell us. The fish talk to us and say, we want to be cooked that way." Garces, meanwhile, tried a Pacific Southwest strategy, but apparently chose not to listen to the fish, and was promptly handed his first defeat. He is now 3-1.

The Chairman was unavailable, so do watch the video of host Alton Brown doing his best Chairman impression.

Video: Alton Brown Doing a Chairman Impression

Video: Katsuya Fukushima and Ruben Garcia's Dishes

Video: Jose Garces' Dishes

Video: The Decision

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