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Michael Laiskonis on Eggs and Intensity

Here now, part two of Eater's collaboration with our friends at tech blog Gizmodo. Our offering to their Taste Test 2.0 week, here's a video exploring the science and technology employed by Michael Laiskonis, the Executive Pastry Chef at Eric Ripert's New York City restaurant Le Bernardin.


Although Johnny Iuzzini occupies the role of Greaser Bad-Ass Pastry Chef in the public imagination, Michael Laiskonis is the less-public real thing. Laiskonis, Detroit-born, Brylcreemed, and movie-star handsome, is the Executive Pastry Chef at Le Bernardin, maybe the most plum gig in the country. Past the big kitchen, Laiskonis has carved out a niche for himself, a cold marble counter to call home.

Unlike Iuzzini, Laiskonis is most often found in the kitchen where he works from noon to midnight. "When I came to New York I thought, great, I'm in the cultural center of the world," he says, "But I don't think I've seen a movie since I got here." Recently I stopped by the kitchen for a lesson on how to make the famous "Egg" — a milk chocolate pots de crème with crème anglaise foam, inside an eggshell — perhaps the most well-known off-menu dessert in the city.

Video: Michael Laiskonis' Egg

See part one in this series: The Mast Brothers on How Artisanal Chocolate Gets Made.

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Le Bernardin

787 7th Ave NYC, NY 10019