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The Mast Brothers on How Artisanal Chocolate Gets Made

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Here now, part one of Eater's collaboration with our friends at tech blog Gizmodo. Our offering to their Taste Test 2.0 week, here's a video exploring the science and technology employed by craft chocolate makers, Mast Brothers.


Chances are if you've seen photos or videos of the Mast Brothers, a pair of bearded artisanal chocolatiers based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you think they're hipster Luddite fools, self-serious caricatures of the neo-Arts and Crafts movement. Happily, that's not the case.

Beneath their beards are smiles and considerable charm. And the quality of their chocolate is beyond dispute — they supply to Thomas Keller's New York City restaurant Per Se, among other high-end restaurants. I recently stopped by to visit Rick, the ginger minger older brother, and Michael, his quiet brother.

Video: How It's Made: Mast Brothers Chocolate

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Mast Brothers Chocolate

105 North 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11211-3927