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Seamus Mullen vs Cat Cora in Iron Chef Battle Barracuda

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Last night, chef Seamus Mullen challenged Iron Chef Cat Cora in Battle Barracuda. The episode must have been shot a while ago, as Mullen left the New York City restaurant Boqueria back in July, and he is still wearing the jacket here. While he was a contestant on the second season of The Next Iron Chef, this was his first appearance on Iron Chef America.

Said the Chairman to Mullen, "You were once voted sexiest chef in New York, so will kitchen stadium succumb to your charms, or add you to her pile of rejected suitors?" Judges Ed Levine, Anya Fernald, and Donatella Arpaia (sporting a rather, let's say, unique hairstyle) added him to the pile.

Video: Cat Cora's Dishes

Video: Seamis Mullen's Dishes

Video: Judgment Time

Also, we disagree with host Alton Brown that "Barracuda" is a "relatively lame pop song." Here it is, just as a reminder to the reader:

Video: "Barracuda" Performed Live by Heart

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