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Eater Live: Liveblogging the Top Chef DC Season Finale

Ed Cotton, Kevin Sbraga, Angelo Sosa
Ed Cotton, Kevin Sbraga, Angelo Sosa
Photo: Joan Leong/Bravo

Eater's live coverage of the Top Chef DC Season 7 Finale starts now! The last three chefs in the running are Ed Cotton, Kevin Sbraga, and Angelo Sosa. Missed previous episodes and want to catch up last minute? Check outMax Silvestri's fine recaps of the entire season, or read our finale predictions. Oh, and if you're really really into spoilers, you can even find out who won before other viewers—Bravo seems to have accidentally leaked the winner earlier today. Proceed at your spoiler-laden peril:

9:51 p.m. Watching the penultimate episode again. So sorry to see you go, Kelly!

9:55 p.m. Congratulations to @tom_colicchio, who tweets: "9 yrs ago today I married the woman of my dreams and she still is today. Happy anniversary LMS" So sweet! Mazel tov!

9:57 p.m. @RuthBourdain weighs in: "Might have to give the advantage to Ed, who has secured the critical porn star vote RT @CourtneyCummz Tonight is the #TopChef finale. Go Ed!"

10:01 p.m. And heeeere we go! Angelo from New York, Kevin from New Jersey, Ed from New York. East Coast REPRESENT!

10:03 p.m. Final challenge announced: head to head, four course meal, "of the most amazing food you've ever made in your life." Courses: first is vegetable, second fish, third meat. Fourth dessert. Colicchio and Ripert are getting up early to choose their meat!


"I hear monkey is in season."

10:05 p.m. Sous chefs are previous winners! Ed gets Ilan Hall, Kevin gets Michael Voltaggio, Angelo gets Hung Hyunh.

10:06 p.m. All chefs head back to the hotel to get to know each other and start their respective kitchen bromances. Angelo mentions he's not feeling well and goes to bed early.

10:07 p.m.


Jesus, what a fucking sausage party.

10:08 p.m. Ed and Kevin are tucking into breakfast, Angelo is moaning and groaning in bed, and the doctor's coming to see him. The other two chefs want him to get well; Kevin says "he wants to compete against the best."

10:09 p.m. Angelo: "I'm angry at myself." The doctor gives him a 20% chance of being able to cook the next day.


Poor sick Angelo.

10:13 p.m. The chefs file into the kitchen sans Angelo, Tom explains that Hung will be on the phone with him to figure things out. Kevin is hoping he can relate to the proteins Tom and Eric picked out that morning. Ed is worried about how bony the fish is.


Hung goes solo.

10:15 p.m. Everyone's cooking with the same proteins per course, which I think makes the game more interesting. Ed wants to do chilled corn soup for his first course, Ilan says there might not be good corn in Singapore but Ed finds some anyway. He's determined to not necessarily listen to his sous since taking advice has sunk people before.

10:17 p.m. Hung's taking orders over phone, shopping by himself in the Singaporean Whole Foods equivalent. Meanwhile poor sick Angelo's still in bed.


10:18 p.m. Hung took all the foie gras, an entire lobe. Ed says, "an entire lobe for tasting sized portions is a bit much."

10:19 p.m. Kevin's doing a Singaporean-inspired menu despite not being too comfortable with Asian food. Ballsy! Though given his second dish last episode, it could work out. Hung's cooking alone.


Kevin's dishes.

10:19 p.m. Ed's keeping it, hmm, New American? Safe! Boring! And having a bit of a power struggle, maybe mostly in his head, with Ilan.

10:21 p.m. The doctor comes to see Angelo and says you're not going to be 100% tomorrow, it usually takes people five days to a week to recover. What kind of tropical bug did Angelo pick up and why didn't any of the other chefs get it?




Ed's corn veloute

10:25 p.m. sayeth @ulteriorepicure, "Love that @BravoTV didn't properly white balance in @AngeloASosa's hotel room to give a more sickly feel. Visual manipulation. #TopChef"

10:26 p.m. Doctor just cleared Angelo to cook on finale day. He emerges from bed wearing a super duper low v-neck white t-shirt, a.k.a. 2009's hipster douchebag uniform of choice. Gross!



"Time to jump into my cape and be the chef that I am."

10:28 p.m. Angelo's back in the kitchen, being grateful that his sous was speed demon Hung, and is trying to catch up.


Team Hungelo

10:28 p.m. Kevin's talking about his Singaporean-inspired menu and what a risk it is. He hopes the judges recognize what a risk he's taking, doing something they've never seen from here before, and that it pays off.

10:29 p.m. Angelo is going Asian, of course. "I just want to sacrifice every part of me to be Top Chef."


Duck marshmallow?!?!?

10:29 p.m. Boys are talking shit about each other, but mainly Ed, which means he's considered the strongest contender.

10:31 p.m. Halfway through the hour and they're already plating. Long dramatic dinner? Or long dramatic judge panel?

10:32 p.m. Kevin is impressed by the panel, especially David Chang. "He's a stud." Man love! Also: yay Susan Feniger!



10:33 p.m. Ed to Angelo: "So now you're not sick any more? I'm sick of your attitude."

10:34 p.m. While third course is being plated, I'd like to thank Bravo for having enough faith in its audience that they didn't subtitle all the Singaporeans speaking English, like a big lame network probably would've.


Tom is like "Oh."


Susan Feniger approves.

10:37 p.m. Ed: "Ilan could have got a little more intricate with the cake. Ilan's whipped cream could be a little bit salty for the judges. I'm worried about it, big time."


10:39 p.m. @MVoltaggio tweets: "I'm in Germany, can't even watch it I'm watching through all of you! Singapore was amazing and I'm happy to be back in your living rooms!"

and @tom_colicchio clarifies: "That Was a joke they don't eat monkey in singapore"

10:42 p.m. Chang on Ed's dessert: "It's like a fuck you!"


Ed's dessert


Kevin's dessert


Angelo's dessert

10:43 p.m. Voltaggio: "That was the 2nd best food I've ever seen on on Top Chef."


10:44 p.m. And the meal is done! No more cooking or eating! WHEW.

10:46 p.m. Tom's giving Ed crap for making such a simple dessert that he could "get at home" and calls him out on making what could be a bad decision in a tight competition. Ed gets defensive in kind of an ugly way, which is usually a bad idea. WTF DOOD.


10:47 p.m. Gail tells Kevin she'll take his Singapore Sling dessert over the original thing any day. High praise!


10:48 p.m. Vegetable course! Eric calls Angelo out for making a meaty vegetable course. Gail was not big on Kevin's but really liked Ed's use of local ingredients. Tom liked it too.


10:50 p.m. Everyone is giving Ed shit again for his dessert AND for his super lame defense of it. Did he just screw the pooch, or is this clever editing to make us think the strongest competitor didn't win?


Gail: "Ed's dessert was like a fruit punch. It punched you, with fruit."

10:54 p.m. Says @topchefkevin: "wow!!!!! That has to be the nicest judge's table in history!"

10:57 p.m. Bravo announces the viewer vote: Angelo 26%, Ed 49%, Kevin 25%:


10:59 p.m. Tom: "The Top Chef is the one who took the most risks but also cooked the best meal." And KEVIN SBRAGA is the winner of Top Chef DC!



10:01 p.m. Kevin: "It's really like a dream come true. You have this dream , you set out to do it, and that road is tough, and it's tougher than you think. But then, you pull it out, and make it happen, it's amazing."

Love that Kevin managed to get his shit together and score the big win—it's extra astounding considering he only managed to win ONE Elimination challenge all season long. That's got to be a Top Chef record of some sort. Do you think he deserved tonight's win? Were you rooting for Ed or Angelo instead?

Stay tuned tomorrow for Max Silvestri's recap!

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