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A Quick Note on Spoilers

We ran a similar post back in May before the Top Chef Masters finale, and we feel it appropriate to bring this up again. To be perfectly clear, we subscribe to Vulture's Statutes of Limitations on Pop-Culture Spoilers, meaning that we reserve the right to post the results of reality TV shows in post titles and body copy as soon as the episode is over.

For those readers who plan on DVRing the Top Chef finale for the next day (or readers not on the East Coast) and don't want the results "spoiled," we encourage the fine art of avoidance. So tonight, please shut off your RSS reader, avoid Twitter, Facebook, and Friendster. And be absolutely sure not to look at any television or food blogs (especially Eater) until you have viewed the episode.

Meanwhile, look out for our Top Chef Finale liveblog tonight!

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