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Jim Spanfeller's New Food Website: The Daily Meal

We've written at length about former CEO Jim Spanfeller's upcoming food website, and now it's got a name: The Daily Meal, and a launch date: October 15th.

In the press release, Spanfeller spoke about the staffing: "We’ve cherry-picked the best talent in the field to ensure that consumers get the best advice for their palette [sic], whether they are dining in San Francisco or preparing a meal for friends in Maine." Like we wrote about a couple of weeks ago, Saveur co-founder Colman Andrews will serve as editorial director, and food travel expert Valaer Murray will be managing editor.

How will the people at the two-year-old The Daily Meal podcast feel about the name? (They have the @thedailymeal, too.) Also note the tagline: "All the food that's fit to eat" which is clearly a riff on the New York Times' tagline "All The News That's Fit to Print." Last year the Times' lawyers sent a cease and desist to the website The Food Section for its tagline "All the News That's Fit to Eat," who promptly caved. And what about the British publication The Daily Mail?

As promised, The Daily Meal will pretty much be about everything. Says the press release:

With original content from staff, industry insiders, tastemakers and the user community, features will include restaurant and chef reviews, information on wine and cocktails, insight into seasonal ingredients, food travel recommendations and home entertainment advice, as well as a robust cooking section with techniques and recipes to suit any palate and every occasion.

User generated! Restaurant reviews! Travel! Recipes! Those are a lot of things.

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