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Handicapping the Top Chef D.C. Season Finale

Ed, Kevin, Angelo
Ed, Kevin, Angelo
Photo: Joan Leong/Bravo

Love it or hate it, if you're interested in food, the biggest thing going on tonight is the finale of Top Chef D.C.. Ed Cotton, Kevin Sbraga, and Angelo Sosa are competing not only for the title of Top Chef, but $125,000 in prize money, a feature in Food & Wine magazine, and a showcase at the Annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. And hopefully a lifetime supply of of Dial NutriSkin. So, who's going to win?

Should win: Ed Cotton. At the start of the season, it looked like the competition was between Angelo and Kenny (and everyone else was just in for the ride), but Kenny left early and Ed really started to come into his own in the latter half of the competition. He has one more Elimination win than Angelo AND beat him at his own game last episode, sweeping both the Quickfire and Elimination. Ed is the man to beat. Odds: 1:2.

Could win: Kevin Sbraga. His performance has been all over the place season, sure, but when Kevin does pull his shit together he can really knock it out of the ballpark. His second dish from the penultimate episode, made with a modicum of planning but an immense amount of care, thinking and skill, makes me think he's a real contender in the finale. Odds: 1:3.

Dark horse: Angelo Sosa. A few episodes ago, I would've said this competition was Angelo's to lose, especially since it's set in Singapore and he's probably the most familiar with all the local ingredients available to the chefs, but looking back at his record this competition, he's been stuck in the middle more than Ed and Kevin have. He's been up for elimination twice in the last four episodes, and from the previews it looks like he got sick during the finale and might not have been able to prep and maybe even cook his dishes. Having Hung Huynh as his sous chef might offset the time he spent sick and the strength he lost as a result, but you can only lean on your sous so much—even when that sous happens the speed demon of all Top Chef winners. Odds: 1:5.


Probably won: Ed Cotton. If you've been paying attention to our coverage of the currently-shooting Top Chef All-Stars, it seems like both Angelo and Kevin are on the show. If you assume that it makes no sense for Bravo to have the most immediate winner of Top Chef on the Top Chef All-Star show, then logically Ed must be the winner.

How do you feel about Top Chef D.C.'s final three? Which chef are you rooting for? Which chef do you feel deserves to win?

Lia Bulaong

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