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Glenn Beck Predicts Global Mayhem, French Fry Riots

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Conservative radio and television host and political commentator Glenn Beck, after seeing First Lady Michelle Obama ask the National Restaurant Association to help in the fight against childhood obesity, said "Get your damned hands off my fries, lady. If I want to be a fat-fat-fattie and shovel french fries all day long, that is my choice. But not so fast anymore! ...We have government health care now."

Beck predicts "global mayhem" because people won't be able to get the delicious french fries they so desire. He warns of protests, calling them "French fry riots," often using the shorthand "friots."

Beck connects the anti-McDonald's commercial by a vegan front group, Obama's regulatory czar Cass Sunstein's book Nudge, ACORN, Prohibition, the British health care system, and more! Our ears and eyes and brains hurt.

Says Beck about encouraging good behavior: "You're gonna have to tax. You're gonna have to make it more and more difficult. But when those options don't work, how do you stop people from eating french fries? What's left? Now you have to think about punishments. Maybe a fine! Maybe even jail."

We dare you to sit through the 18 minutes of this madness!

Video: Glenn Beck Predicts French Fry Riots ("Friots")

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