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Ad Blames McDonald's for Heart Disease-Related Deaths

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A crazy new commercial from the nonprofit vegan group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine features a dead man in a morgue holding a hamburger, and implies that McDonald's was to blame. It ends with the words "I was lovin' it" (a play on the chain's "I'm lovin' it" slogan) and some McDonald's-like golden arches.

PCRM's director of nutrition education Susan Levin says they chose McDonald's specifically because "they epitomize fast food and the permeation of fast food in the country." The ad will air in the Washington, DC market; PCRM is hoping to run it in other, similarly fast food dense cities soon.

PCRM is known for their somewhat insane vegan agenda — back in May, they wrote a press release advising KFC to follow the same guidelines the FDA sets out for tobacco producers and not advertise near schools and put a warning label on Double Downs. In this this ad, they recommend "Tonight, make it vegetarian."

Video: PCRM: Consequences

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