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Whole Foods' Seafood Labeling Program Has "Avoid" Category

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Do not buy this fish!
Do not buy this fish!
Photo: Whole Foods

Whole Foods has introduced a new seafood labeling program in which color-coded stickers tell you how morally acceptable your seafood purchase is. They partnered with the Blue Ocean Institute and the Monterey Bay Aquarium to develop red (stop don't buy!) yellow (hmm, maybe you shouldn't buy) and green (yes, definitely buy) categories to help you select your seafood. Which is great, in a ethics-for-preschoolers sort of way. Except, wait, why are they even selling the red ones? They've promised to have these "avoid"-labeled fish out of stores by Earth Day 2011, but it still seems, er, a little fishy to us.

· New Wild-Caught Seafood Sustainability Ratings [Whole Foods Blog via Slashfood]

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