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Jonathan Safran Foer Really Wants You to Quit Eating Meat

Writer and vegetarian Jonathan Safran Foer talked to Big Think about why he quit eating meat, despite not being an animal lover. According to Foer, that 50 cent fast food hamburger actually costs $200 when you remove government subsidies and factor in environmental impact, and despite how cheap it seems at the cash register, we'll be paying for it down the road with global warming.

He also discussed why he disagrees with fellow sustainable food advocate Michael Pollan (Pollan advocates eating ethically farmed meat, Foer does not), and why American food culture needs a new narrative: "Food is not just fact and it's not just reason...It's always attached to some kind of a story. And that confuses things. The Thanksgiving turkey confuses things. The Christmas ham confuses things." Ham is so very confusing!

Video: Big Think: Jonathan Safran Foer

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