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Joey Chestnut Sets Record By Eating 47 Burritos in 10 Minutes

Competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut has done it again, this time not only winning, but beating the record for the burrito-eating contest at the New Mexico State Fair. Chestnut managed to squeeze 47 bean, cheese and green chile burritos down his gullet in ten minutes, which beat the previous record by an impressive 13.5 burritos. For his (somewhat repulsive) effort, Chestnut was awarded $1,500 and a burrito hat. Chestnut said of his victory, "Any good food, you name it, I'll hold a record in it."

Video: World Champion Eater Wins Fair Burrito Contest

Video: Raw Video: Chesnut Downs 47 Burritos in 10 Mins

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