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Michelle Obama to Restaurants: Rethink Your Kids' Menus

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Michelle Obama spoke to National Restaurant Association today, and asked them if they wouldn't mind putting a little less butter and cream in their dishes, please. The First Lady is particularly concerned with kids' menus, and asked chefs get creative inventing healthful dishes kids will love, seeing as how they're already so good at making fatty and terrible ones that get kids "to drive their poor parents crazy because they just have to have something."

IHOP president Jean Birch said her restaurants are reformulating their kids' menus according to Obama's outlines, and said that her goal is for parents "to not have the fight at the beginning" of the meal. Which is great!

But also a little sad, because while we're all for providing healthier options, the occasional treat isn't going to kill anyone. Between this and the restaurant that banned screaming children, is anyone saying no to children these days?

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