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Meet the World's Most Expensive Cheese Sandwich

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Cheese sandwiches are generally what you eat when you're too lazy to go get real food, but when you're rich, your cheddar gets all bespoke; your sourdough, gilded. A cheese sandwich featured at the Frome Cheese Show in Somerset, UK costs £111.95 (US $172.20), and beats the previous world record holder for most expensive sandwich by £11.95.

Designed by British celebrity chef Martin Blunos, it uses a specially-crafted cheddar cheese blended with truffles that makes up for £92 (US $142) of the price.

The rest of the sandwich is comprised of sourdough bread drizzled with olive oil, hard-boiled quail eggs, heirloom tomatoes, slices of epicure apple, figs, mustard red frills, pea shoots, red amaranth, and, just to make you feel like you're really getting your money's worth, is topped with a layer of gold dust.

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The world's most expensive cheese sandwich. [Photo: SWNS]

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