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Eataly World Media Reaction Round-Up

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Lydia and Joe Bastianich, Mario Batali.
Lydia and Joe Bastianich, Mario Batali.
Krieger, 8/24/10

Eataly opened yesterday in New York City, and all of food media was there to fuss and coo and generally freak out over the gigantic supermarket/restaurant/beer garden/Italian gastronomic wonderland. We're no innocents — we came, we saw, we liveblogged — but we were only one of many who churned out thousands of breathless words and hundreds of adoring pictures over the past few days. Warning: media frenzy ahead.

· Esquire/Josh Ozersky:

Everything I needed for human happiness could be found here, with the exception of perverted sex, and after eating all this food I wouldn't be in much shape for that either.

· Gothamist/Jaya Saxena:

This is not the Italy most Americans imagine—the Italy of quaint Tuscan towns and pushy grandmothers. This is the Italy of Vespas and stilettos.

· Insatiable Critic/Gael Greene
The rollout of Eataly in a soaring 42,500 square foot mostly marbled space just steps from Shake Shack has rivaled a Harry Potter book release.

· Huffington Post/Colin Sterling:
It is clear that Batali & co. spared no expense to ensure that Eataly's offerings set the bar for Italian food and products to a new level...50,000 square feet meticulously engineered and curated to smother us with pleasure.

· Serious Eats/Ed Levine:
If Eataly delivers on a strong value proposition in everything it serves, the sky really is the limit for it. It will be fascinating to watch the drama unfold.

· Village Voice/Rebecca Marx:
[Eataly] had been anticipated for months as more or less the food world's version of the Rapture, or at least the biggest Italian food court in history.

· Globe and Mail/Eric Reguly:
It is an unlikely blend of food bazaar, farm stand, educational centre, museum, eclectic dining experience and political and environmental movement - though one anchored firmly in the world of commerce.

· New York Post/Carla Spartos:
What happens when three of New York’s most beloved Italian-American restaurateurs team up with the founder of a gourmet food and wine market in Turin, Italy? The result is the grand, ambitious, sprawling Eataly.

· Feast has video interviews with Mario Batali and Lydia Bastianich.
· Zagat has Day One Madness.

· @lock: "Do be prompt; this place will be insta-smash-hit."
· @ruthbourdain: "You've heard of EATALY, but also opening is FEETALY, my food market concept dedicated to all things feet: duck feet, trotters, toe jam, etc."

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200 5th Ave., New York, NY

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