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Pop-Tarts Inspire Sushi, Penny-Pinching

These Pop-Tarts cost $8.96.
These Pop-Tarts cost $8.96.
Photo: crazymomainsane

Details on Pop-Tarts World, the Times Square brand store/gimmick/money trap, have been released: it will feature a frosting-inspired light show (which ends with a flash of bright light meant to simulate being wrapped in foil), a 23-flavor vending machine which allows visitors to assemble custom variety packs, and a cafe serving Pop-Tart sushi (minced Pop-Tarts wrapped in fruit roll-ups), among other things.

Pop-Tarts World is supposed to "strengthen the bonding between the brand and the consumer," but hopefully Kellogg's also making some money off of it considering they're practically giving the breakfast snack away if you've got the right coupons. Through some numbers trickery, someone was able to purchase 80 boxes, or 640 Pop-Tarts, for less than $9. That's a lot of Pop-Tarts sushi.

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