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After Katie Lee Fails to Instruct Proper Mandoline Safety, Anchor Cuts Finger on Live TV

Goddamn those Benriner Japanese mandolines! Everyone's cut themselves and lost part of their fingers (or nails!) on one of those things. Also fun is when you cut yourself with the julienne blade attachment, so then you end up with a series of shallow parallel cuts on your hand. Good times.

Here's a video of cookbook author Katie Lee and co-anchor Harry Smith on CBS' The Early Show doing a routine cooking segment — oh the bounty of the summer farmers' market! — until Smith cuts his hand open slicing some zucchini for Lee's no-cook "carpaccio." Says Smith, "I knew that was going to happen." Katie Lee kept her cool while co-anchor Erica Hill jumped in to finish the segment. Don't worry, he didn't even need stitches.

Video: Harry Smith Cuts Himself

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