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Dirty Old Man (Gordon Ramsay) Gropes Beautiful Latina (Sofia Vergara) on Leno

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Failing restauranteur and totem of Anglo-Saxon culture on decline Gordon Ramsay was interviewed by Jay Leno, failing totem of unfunny network television, last night. It was both boring and depressing. Then Sofia Vergara, the Colombian actress from Modern Family came on. She is a very attractive woman. We'll leave it at that. Ramsay was like a gropey little boy except one that's old and wrinkled and a dickhead. She showed pictures from a recent vacation, one of which was of Ms. Vergara eating pizza. "You've got a whole wedge in your mouth," Ramsay brayed for laughs. Then he spat out — though I bet you he didn't — her dulce de leche, made fun of her kid's name, and touched her leg. Enjoy!

Video: Sofia Vergara and Gordon Ramsay

Here's the rest of Gordon Ramsay on Leno if you're so inclined to watch:

Video: Interview

Video: Cooking

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