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Michelle Obama Blames Beet Aversion on Genetic Disposition

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In November of 2008 it was revealed that, while the first family would be planting a vegetable garden on the White House lawn (yay hooray!), it would not contain beets (hiss boo!) because President Obama dislikes them. Now, in an interview with Ladies' Home Journal, Michelle Obama reveals that he's not alone, and unleashes ObamaBeetGate 2010.

When asked about her worst nightmare (nutritionally, one assumes, although it's not specified), Mrs. Obama responded:

Beets. I am a believer that there is a beet gene. People who love beets love them and people who hate beets can't stand them. Neither the President nor I have the beet gene.

GASP! Not you too, Michelle! How can America trust it's leaders if we can't trust them to enjoy that noble root vegetable, the beet?

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Michelle Obama saw you sneak those beets in her salad. [Photo: AP]

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