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FDA Expands Calorie Posting Regulations to Movie Theaters, Airplanes, Convenience Stores

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The FDA plans to expand the types of businesses it requires to post calorie counts on menus to include chains with more than 20 locations, which means movie theaters, convenience stores, and airplanes will all have to comply. Oh no, what a logistical nightmare! How can these businesses be expected to conform to these regulations? Especially considering those spoiled ballparks get away without having to post anything. And didn't anyone consider how difficult it will be to enforce on salad bars?

The Wall Street Journal interviewed business owners from several fields about the proposed changes, and boy, are they grouchy. There are concerns that customers might actually stop buying high calorie foods in favor of healthier items!

Convenience store owners are worried about where to post the calories on grab-and-go items, like hot dogs. Grocery store owners are upset because their customers don't consume their products in-store (someone should tell them their non-prepared foods already follow similar guidelines). And the airlines! American Airlines, which apparently is still regularly serving food to passengers, might have to print menus for the plebeians in coach!

Man, you'd think the FDA had passed all of these regulations without asking what anyone else though about it.

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Posted calorie counts. [Photo: Joe Fornabaio/The Wall Street Journal]

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