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iPad Sushi Menu Signals the Death of Printed Menus

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The future is now! Or maybe very soon! Here's a proof-of-concept iPad app by Sharp designed to fully replace the hard-copy multi-page laminated sushi menus commonly found in izakayas in Japan. First they came for the dictionaries, and now the humble menu. The death of print! Or, the death of the printed menu!

The design of the app closely mimics the chaotic, brightly-colored, and cluttered aesthetic of the print version, except it's, you know, interactive! Pinch to zoom! Order wirelessly! The future! In your belly! It's part of a point of sale (POS) ordering system that integrates ordering, billing, and checkout. Expect these things to get covered in soy sauce and wasabi within the first week. Also, stolen.

iPads are surprisingly versatile: They've replaced menus at a restaurant in Sydney, they've replaced clipboards at nightclubs and wine lists at restaurants in New York City, and Urbanspoon has a whole reservation system for it. Stephen Colbert even uses it to make delicious salsa.

Video: iPad Sushi Self-Ordering System

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