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The BGR Snooki Burger Adds Fried Pickles With Each Arrest

A Snooki burger.
A Snooki burger.
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Washington, DC-area burger restaurant chain BGR The Burger Joint thought their burgers needed to be a little more Jersey, and thus are introducing the Snooki Burger next month. After calling for suggestions online, responses included "stuffed with an Italian sausage" and "marinated in tequila and desperation."

The winning idea is a little gimmicky, but also kind of delicious-sounding: $9.99 will get you a beef patty topped with grilled jalepenos, cream cheese, and a fried pickle for every time Snooki gets arrested in the month of September (there's currently one on it for her July arrest). So, c'mon, Snooks, get into some mischief — your fans are hungry.

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