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Shaquille O'Neal and Five Others Face Off Against Joey Chestnut in Hot Dog-Eating Contest

"Eating is something I've been doing all my life. You don't get this big by eating salad," said 7 ft. 1 in. tall basketball player Shaquille O'Neal on last night's episode of Shaq Vs, in which he battled against champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut in a hot dog-eating contest. Recognizing his gustatory limitations (and because "he's on a diet, in training"), Shaq convinced Chestnut to allow him to compete alongside five teammates. "Size doesn't matter... I'm looking looking for the gleam in their eyes," said Shaq as he recruited people from the streets of Las Vegas.

So is a team comprised of Shaq and five amateurs capable of defeating a solo professional extreme gurgitator who holds the record for eating 68 hot dogs in ten minutes?

Video: Shaq vs Joey ChestnutL Part 1

Video: Shaq vs Joey ChestnutL Part 2

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