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$100 Hello Kitty Crystal-Encrusted Luxury Water

You probably thought you could get Hello Kitty's face imprinted on just about every consumer good available; well, now you can get that cutesy cat mug emblazoned on products you never even knew existed! Japanese "jewelry water" company Fillico has come out with a line of Hello Kitty luxury water, just in time for that August thirst that only a $100, crystal-encrusted beverage can quench.

The bottles commemorate the 35th anniversary of the cartoon character's creation (Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!) and come in five colors: red for friendship, pink for cute, yellow for "heartful," green for wish and lavender for sweet. You can also get your name engraved on them for an extra $25.

Hello Kitty is not new to the beverage game: this past spring, Sanrio plastered her face on wine bottles, a move which sparked some controversy. Not everyone was against using a cartoon character to market alcohol, though: Stephen Colbert tipped his hat to the company "for having the guts to put a kids cartoon character on alcohol."

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Hello Kitty luxury water. [Photo: Fillico]