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£25 For a Pot of Tea Picked With Golden Scissors

A restaurant in Manchester, England is selling pots of White Sacred tea for £25 ($39 US). What makes the tea so expensive? Oh, it's just grown at a secret Sri Lankan tea farm and picked by women wearing white cotton gloves using golden scissors. Seriously, that is how the tea is harvested. And that's slightly less fancy than in the olden days, when a Chinese emperor decreed the women be virgins, and the tea picked at dawn.

Said to have a subtle flavor, White Sacred tea is known for being low in caffeine and high in antioxidants. Mariage Freres, the company that grows the tea, recommends heating water to exactly 85 degrees Fahrenheit and brewing it for seven minutes. And don't even think about tainting it with your vulgar sugar, milk, lemon, or, heaven forbid, cookies.

If you're not quite up to spending forty bucks on a pot of tea but would like to drink something that sounds like a rich people drink, Donald Trump has launched a line of tea. Costing $12.95 for 14 bags, Trump Tea comes in four flavors: a black tea called Union Square, an organic white tea called Park Avenue, a green tea called Mar-a-Lago, and Westchester, an organic hibiscus tea.

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Sacred White Tea. [Photo: Daily Mail]

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