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Rachael Ray and Shaq Face Off in Non-Epic Burger Battle

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On last night's episode of Shaq vs basketball player Shaquille O'Neal challenged television personality, cookbook author, and self-described "burger freak" Rachael Ray to a burger-cooking competition. Highlights included:

· Shaq, who calls himself a "Cooking Master" yet admits to not having cooked in 20 years (well, other than Top Ramen, fried chicken, hot dogs, and Oodles of Noodles), is completely unable to identify a single vegetable, confusing peppers for tomatoes and cabbage for lettuce.
· Shaq, at a fancy grocery store, looking and failing to find sliced "Cheddarmerican" cheese.
· Rachael Ray's husband John Cusimano being Shaq's "secret helper" and giving him essential burger-cooking tips like not pressing the burger down while it's cooking.

You can probably guess who won and who lost and had to do the dishes.

Video: Shaq and Rachael Ray Go Shopping

Video: Rachael Ray's Husband Gives Shaq Tips

Video: The Cookoff

Video: The Decision

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