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Japanese Ice Cream Robot Serves With a Smile

Photo: Robonable

Designed for maximum brain-exploding potential, here's an ice cream-serving robot. Designed for kids, after making their selection on a touchscreen, the robot selects a cone, fills it with soft-serve, drizzles sauce over it, adds toppings, and passes it to them through a window, all while maintaining a perky smile.

The Yaskawa-kun, as it's called, is a feature at the Japanese waterpark Tokyo Summerland, which is a classy joint that "prohibits the entry of persons affiliated with crime syndicates and persons with tattoos (including non-permanent body stickers and body paint)." Hear that, mobsters? No robot-served ice cream for you.

Video: Robot Sells Ice Cream 1

Video: Robot Sells Ice Cream 2

Video: Robot Sells Ice Cream 3

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