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Gordon Ramsay Reverts to Pre-Verbal Food Throwing on Late Night Television

Comedian George Lopez finally got it right: The only way chef Gordon Ramsay looks good is when he's surrounded by people who are less talented in the kitchen than he is (also see Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef). And, where he isn't forced into conversation or allowed to sit near an attractive woman like Sofia Vergara. Thus: Food Fight!

Oh, and the Disaster Chef also confirmed the recently-denied plans of opening a pub in Los Angeles with He O' the Achilles Heel, David Beckham. According to Ramsay, "It will be British, something cool, hip, good food, great atmosphere, somewhere you can have fun." Of course, Ramsay's idea of fun is forcing his kid to nuzzle an imprisoned Beluga at Sea World, denigrating his wife's cooking, and throwing cake at George Lopez and his audience, so, there's always that.

Video: Ramsay Confirms LA Pub

Video: Ramsay Lopez Food Fight

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